Homework writing ideas - be neat and thorough

Homework is always a contentious subject with students, teachers and parents. Students sometimes feel they get too much, teachers feel the students are not putting enough effort into their homework and parents are caught between the two. They don't want to see their kids missing out on social activities but they do want to see their kids do well at school. But whichever position you take, there is no getting away from the fact that homework is relevant, important and here to stay. If you want to be better at doing your homework, one of the skills you can acquire is to improve your note taking and writing.

The words neat and thorough are seriously important and good when it comes to doing your homework. With the amount of texting that students do today, there are two factors which spring from this activity. The first is the use of shorthand in order to send text messages. The second is the declining standards of handwriting and spelling.

There will be many an occasion in a class or lecture when the student needs to take notes. These notes will be studied and used as background material for writing essays and assignments. If your handwriting is poor, if it is difficult to read, then you're making a rod for your own back. When you're doing homework and are required to say read the text and make notes, if you scribble the information you will not understand your notes or only take a smattering of information rather than all which is required. That means you are hurting yourself.

Homework reflects in your academic success

It goes without saying that if you spend your study time at home wisely and productively, this will flow on to the academic results you achieve in school or college. The better you perform when not under scrutiny, that is when you're doing your homework, the more likely you are to succeed when in the classroom or lecture room.

You need to learn how to create a handwriting style which is easy to read. It's pointless having made notes and then being unable to decipher exactly what you've written. If it means that you used your own form of shorthand for taking notes and if this method is successful, by all means do so. But the clarity and thoroughness in taking notes and in working through homework assignments are key ingredients to the score you get in your subjects at school and college.