How To Invent Interesting Homework Ideas: 5 Helpful Tips

Homework for the dedicated teacher represents the opportunity to let what you have taught sink in. It is the time when your students can chew on the subject on their own. It also allows you to assess how well your students understand what you have taught them.

There are as many interesting homework ideas as you can think about. All you need is something that engages your student in the subject no matter what level they are in.

  • Make it productive.
  • Before giving assignments, go through it and make sure that it is productive. It is easy to fall into the trap of giving a textbook exercise that does not add value. Ask yourself whether the student will learn anything from filling in the answers.

  • Association
  • Try and associate what your students find interesting into the assignment. For example, have teenagers write papers on social networking. Have them use new words, styles of writing in papers on what interests them. They will have something to say. Using new vocabulary on such papers will enable them to remember and learn as well.

  • Incorporate a challenge
  • Incorporating a challenge in a task engages the mind of the student in trying to find a solution. Give an assignment that will involve some research into the subject that you are teaching. This will work better if you have not touched on it or have only given an overview. Have the students dig up the facts and present their findings in class.

  • Try practical homework
  • Give the pre-teens experimental exercises. Have them observe a skill, task, event or activity and then describe it in an essay. Highlight the things that must be covered, such as the order of the activity. This will ensure that no one sleeps on the job.

  • Be spontaneous
  • Spontaneity works on all levels. When your students grow accustomed to one kind of assignment, do something totally unexpected. Have them learn a new word and use charades to describe it to the class. This will have the added benefit of livening up your class.

  • Be reasonable
  • Always have your students’ wellbeing in mind. Don’t bog them down with loads of homework. They will only resent you for it, and this will not help the mood in your class. Give them adequate time to complete their work. Also, give the students some time in between projects.

Students can and should enjoy homework. They just need a little more consideration and effort in the work that they are given. Use the above tips to make assignments more interesting for your students. You’ll find them appreciative of the effort, and the results will show.