Homework Should Be Abolished: The Main Pros And Cons

Over the decades and may be centuries it has been a practice for the teachers to engage the pupil with some tasks to do while they are away from their institute, mostly in order to develop the habit of studying and for revising the lessons that were taught in the class. But it has often been seen that this practice has led to creating frustrations amidst those children and has often become more of a burden than a responsibility to carry out and nowadays, homework has become one of the major issues in between the children and the parents.

Why should homework be abolished?

Experts, who deal with the structures and functions of the modern education system, have come to the conclusion that homework does not necessarily increase achievement. It often decreases it instead. And when there is no achievement involved it is not likely to propel any enthusiasm into the children, rather it would feel more like a burden to them. It doesn’t teach good study habits. It teaches kids to study because they have to rather than need to. They actually would feel that they are being pressurized for it and, therefore, the time for their extra-curricular work or socializing or playing is being compromised, and trust me , like the adults, children also need their own personal space for playing and other recreational activities. The abundance of this practice thus, exhausts them and takes away the time for their personal learning development.

Why is it essential?

On the other hand, if no work is being allocated to the children, most of them might never want to do that by themselves as that sense of responsibility is yet to be developed. The extra works given by the teachers, writing essays, going through what was taught at the school and solving relevant exercises helps them to remember and know about the subjects more in depth. Repeated practice of lessons also might develop a sense and requirement for scheduling their day by priority amongst themselves and polish their skills with proper guidance.

Therefore, as we could see, it is not very advisable to abolish the practice completely, while neither is this wise to overburden and engage them so much with the homework that they lack the time for recreational activities or self-development. It is better to reduce the amount of tasks given to them and present them in such a manner that they would enjoy doing it as well as can concentrate on other academic tasks, so that, there remains a balance.