Getting calculus homework help: advice from an expert

Let me tell you a story. I was teaching a class – a business writing graduate level class to my students, most of whom were from India—and was telling them about my struggles with math.

One of them, poking fun at my age of course said, “Yeah but you were before YouTube” I made an A+ in Calculus because of YouTube,” my student said. And he meant it.

Today, the Internet is so rich with quality educational help in every topic from English literature, to English composition; from American history to the History of Britain; from Calculus to Advanced Trigonometry, that there is little excuse for failure anymore.

Finding Quality Help with Calculus: Advice from A Professor

  • Interactive Exercises
  • I love interactive exercises with any type of math. They immediately tell you if you have the answer right. When you get that answer right and it makes a sound or it rewards you with a big gold star – that just plain feels good. You feel like you’re back in school when your teacher handed you a piece of homework you handed in covered with sparkly stars and saying “GOOD JOB.”

    I like these as a teacher because motivation is everything and these exercises keep students motivated.

    I also love interactive exercises because when you get the answers wrong, the exercise where tell you where you went wrong with your thinking and help you to arrive at the conclusion as well.

    Even if you love YouTube—watching videos is great but not enough to reinforce the calculus and move it into your darker brain matter—your long-term memory.

**So even if you like YouTube find some quality exercizes online and do them.

  • YouTube
  • YouTube is a wonder – full of math whizzes your age showing off their knowledge and explaining even difficult aspects of math in terms people understand.

    What I love about YouTube is students who used to have problems with a problem in calculus actually make a video for others when they have finally mastered and understood this aspect of calculus. Then they get out their phone and explain it to you, explicitly.

    This way you can learn—not just copy down answers.

  • Always Highlight Your Problems You Cannot Solve
  • When you cannot solve one or two problems in your homework, make your teacher explain it the next day. They’ll make you hand in your homework first, so write these down on another piece of paper.