Is it possible to find chemistry homework answers for free?

There are several good Online Chemistry Homework Help sites. But as with any other online site you need to check it out to make sure that it is offering what it says it’s offering.


  • Online sites that offer support from tutors that have had many years of experience helping and providing support to students at all levels and abilities.
  • Sites that offer detailed answers to your queries and in a timely manner. (48 hours is usually considered very timely). You don’t want to have answers to your questions that are just a rework or repeat that is sent out to everyone who for example asks about Chemical Bonds. Answers that take more than 48 hours to return, will stress you out.
  • Online live tutoring and U-tube type presentations are also helpful and free. Remember that a good tutor can make the subject come alive for you and help you its applications beyond the classroom.

Do they offer?

  • Experienced tutors. Make sure that if its free that you actually are getting support from a chemistry tutor and not a tutor that knows a bit about Chemistry.
  • Do they help you not just with the basic Chemistry concepts but also with any of the related math problems?
  • Support in all of the Chemistry concepts that are covered in the Curriculum that you are studying. Remember that different educational establishments offer different curriculum, they are not all the same even though may lead to the same qualification.

Also look out for

  • Make sure that the online Chemistry Homework Help offers a step by step detailed supported for your homework.
  • Sites that initially offer free support but you have to pay for any further support.
  • Sites that help you prepare for exams, by offering revision timetables, revision notes and past exam questions with exemplary answers.

Summing up the availability

  • There is access to free Chemistry Homework help but it may be limited to the first time and then you have to pay.
  • If you are paying for the service there seems to be a variety of online support which varies from Exceptional to do not touch under any circumstances.
  • Some Chemistry online help includes not just help with homework, but further tuition from an experienced tutor. There is also support available from online presentations and tutorials.

Chemistry is a fascinating subject, but don’t let poor experience put you off, there is help out there.