Homework And Data Collection: 10 Pointers For College Students

College homework is more difficult and time consuming than the school assignments. It’s like juggling with the issues in the air where you can’t afford to miss or delay even one. Time management and dedication are your two assets based on which you need to collect and organize data and write it in proper format to impress your teacher.

How to manage your overcrowded schedule and collect data?

  1. Read your syllabus carefully for the assignment submission dates: If you can plan and prepare yourself before time according to the syllabus, you can make magic. You will be able to focus on your class lectures more easily. Homework thereby becomes easier. The notes will make a clean impression in your mind assisting you in doing homework.
  2. Collect data by visiting college libraries: Find out books referred by your teacher and collect material to complete your coursework.
  3. Seek assistance via graduate instructors or professors: Teachers love students who take part in classroom discussions and ask questions. Some students ask questions out of syllabus related with real life events and make it part of their assignments. Never think that your professors will think you as a stupid, instead they will appreciate you for your efforts.
  4. Jot down what professors write down on board and course blogs during the course of your lectures: Even if the content is out of the formal coursework, make a note of it.
  5. Do not commit grammatical mistakes while writing and follow your instructor’s pattern of writing: Otherwise it can change the meaning of the entire sentence. Learn their pattern of writing in short forms.
  6. Surf web for collecting data: Use search engines, open worksheets, subject encyclopedias etc to collect materials.
  7. Online or offline tutoring assistance: Assistance can be in any form; the chief motto is clearing the concepts and implementing them appropriately.
  8. Stay in touch with intellectual scholars: Discuss your assignments with them and ask about the reference books they are using.
  9. Mentors are also a great aid for providing support: Their advice is preferable as they have just completed their PhD. Ask the pattern they followed and the resources they used.
  10. Limit your hours: Students who work in college campus get their job accomplished faster because of the motivating atmosphere. The colleagues are motivating and when you see them dedicated, you tend to follow their footprints. Apart from that you can clear your doubts there and then without waiting for the next day to ask your professor, mentor or colleague.