Math homework help: how to prepare yourself to a test

Preparing for a math test can be easy or hard depending on the amount of time you have for preparation and your skill level in the subject. Your test will be scheduled well in advance and you will have ample time for preparation. Life being what it is sometimes you will either not have the time or other homework may impinge on the time set out for test preparation.

The only rule of thumb for math is practice. Keep doing the problems and exercises repeatedly to get a solid grip on the methods. Sometimes students feel confident that they can skim through the problems like a novel and get a clear idea of how the problem is solved. It is a deception of the mind: You really need to pick up your pencil and put it to the paper for the method to get clear in your head.

Try the exercises available online. Some of the online sources provide you with offline worksheets that can be used for practice. It is likely that you will not be asked the same questions that are in your textbook, but will be given similar problems that are different in content.

Do not panic, it has never helped anybody. Try remaining calm about the test. It is after all just a test. The best way to be relaxed is to have prepared well. Now that you have done your best to do just that, try taking some deep breaths. Give your mind something else to play with. Go for a walk, ride a bicycle, or just listen to some music. 20 minutes of leisure time can freshen up your mind like nothing else can.

Alternatively, you can work out regular breaks during your practice sessions. 20 minutes of problem solving interspersed with 5 min breaks is standard. You can increase or decrease the intervals in the same ratio according to your stamina and preference. Remember that the human mind focuses better in the first 20 minutes of an activity.

Another good idea to prepare well is to do some combined study. It keeps the work going, does not let you make excuses, and is great in keeping you motivated. There are countless benefits of combined study, try it with someone you are comfortable with. A group of your classmates can also meet for a couple of hours to prepare.