Written Assignments Bought Online Put Your Academic Career in Jeopardy

Writing services that offer papers for sale have sprung up all over the internet, providing an outlet for students who find themselves in desperate need of submitting work they did not complete themselves. The reasons for purchasing papers vary widely, but the consequences that come from getting caught make this path too risky. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking about purchasing an essay, consider these three reasons why you shouldn’t.

You Might Be Paying for a Poorly Written Paper.

Consider what most of these websites claim. They say that your paper will be written by Ph.D. level professional writers who will so in a few days for an exceptionally low price. Seems too good to be true, right? You know just how long the entire writing process takes – research, draft, proofreading, revising, etc. – so why would a professional in your field do so for such a bargain? The fact is, you don’t know who will actually be writing your paper. It stands to reason that whoever is doing the writing isn’t going to be providing the high-quality paper that the writing service has promised. Your grade will probably be sub-standard at best.

Chances Are the Written Assignment Isn’t Original.

Despite what writing services claim, there is absolutely no guarantee that purchased essays are 100% original. It’s more likely the writing service keeps a database of previously used papers they have found online. This means that your paper may have circulated several times, and will continue to do so until the website is shut down or changes its practices.

Your Paper Can Be Checked for Plagiarism.

Colleges and universities now have a number of resources available to check against plagiarism. If your instructor or teaching assistant suspects that your submitted work doesn’t match your previous work they’re likely to confront you about it and submit your paper to one of the dozens of services that will check your work against thousands of online samples.

Keeping these things in mind, you should always consider whether you believe buying a written assignment to turn in as your own is worth everything you put at risk. In addition, to risking your academic career you might be putting your professional career at risk. Many industries take ethics very seriously and a dark spot on your academic record will surely make potential employers think twice about hiring someone thought to be untrustworthy.