Do My Homework For Free: How Unethical Is This Kind Of A Request?

Having someone else do you homework is unethical enough but wanting them to do your homework for free.  That’s a kick in the face, no ones going to do your homework for free.  But there are those cases where people do someone else homework because they might like that person but it’s still unethical.

Why It’s Unethical

  • Asking someone to do your homework for free is like asking someone to steal you a candy bar because you can’t afford it.  Nothing in life comes for free, so you either have to pay for it or lose out.
  • It’s unethical for one because you want someone else to do your work for you and two no ones going to do you homework for free.
  • We are taught in school that you can exchange goods for services, like money for service.  This is how it’s suppose to be and that is why you should ask someone to do something if you don’t want to give them something in return.
  • If you are bullying this person to do you homework for free, that is wrong and threatening someone into doing your homework is not only wrong but also illegal.  You can get in big trouble with the school and the police if you are doing this.

Why Kids Are Taking The Easy Way Out

It seems like today kids like to take the easy way out of things and don’t work as hard as their elders did, what do you think is causing this?

  • Today technology has made everything simple; with the push of a button you can have all of your information right in front of you.  If kids have to work harder than that, then they might give up easier
  • Our kids have a thousand things at once running through their heads and this is partly because of technology as well.  They seem to always have a screen in their face, whether that is a phone, computer, TV, or video game.
  • Most kids don’t care about school and parents need to encourage their kids to do well in school.  You would be surprised how far an “I’m proud of you,” will go.

I know that you want to get you homework done as fast as you can but the easiest way to do it is yourself.  You won’t learn anything if you have someone else does it and in the real world it works the same way, you have to do it yourself.