A Guide That Explains How to Focus on Homework

After a full day at school, after school clubs and sports practice and games, and then after family dinnertime; the thought of focusing on homework could be overwhelming. It does not have to be overwhelming; in fact it can be a snap. The secret to focusing is rather simple; you need a dedicated study space and a calendar for organization.

Study Space

The study space should be ample enough for you to spread out all your papers and books, and you should not have to put your school materials away every night. This spot should be yours and yours alone.

Make sure the study spot does not have a television in it. And if there is a computer in the area, it needs to have some parental locks and monitoring. Many a school assignment has been left incomplete due to an intense chat session on social media. Any gaming systems you might have should also be removed from the study environment. Make sure there is a printer and a roomy book shelf.

Your social life tools and your academic tools do not belong together. Keeping them in the same area will sabotage all your efforts to focus on academic work. I do not recommend you share your study room with any siblings either, or you may spend more time socializing with them rather than focusing on the work at hand.

Calendar Organization

Go to the office store and buy the biggest wall or desk calendar you can locate. The pages should be monthly (not one giant calendar for the year). On Fridays, after school, print all work due for the following week on the calendar. If there are major assignments that run beyond the upcoming week, also note them on the schedule. You do not have to put the instructions; just jot down what is due.

Then print or file any handouts that pertain to the work, such as instructions or worksheets. Underneath the calendar have a file cabinet or a large accordion folder. The folder or cabinet should be divided by subject. Place the instructions and paperwork in the appropriate section.

At a glance and at your fingertips, you have placed your obligations and instructions for those obligations. If you have trouble with focusing and meeting deadlines, move each due date up two to three days.

Make your workspace quiet, equipped with school supplies, and free of distractions. When you sit down to work everything you need is right there to enable you to focus on your homework.