Tackling School Homework Problems: Useful Tools For Students

Yes, school is about learning and preparing for adulthood, but it is also meant to be about making friendships and having fun. Homework can throw a serious spanner in the works when it comes to having a full social life and apart from pushy parents is the bane of most school kid’s lives. I will let you in on a secret, teachers and tutors hate giving out the stuff as much as their students hate receiving it. We know how unpopular it is, and when do you think that we get the time to mark it? Yes, that’s right, we do it in our own time too!

So, what tools can you use to make your life that little bit easier? Hopefully, you will find my list helpful.

Your teacher

Before you laugh me straight out of the room, please take a minute or two to think about it. Your teacher is the one that has assigned you the task in the first instance. They are experts in their field and critically they know the answers to the questions that have been set. So okay, they are never going to give you the answers but they can point you in the right direction, and help you with any queries that you have, or if you are just feeling stuck.

Your parents

Parents, even busy ones like to feel important and needed. If they don’t have time to sit down and help you with their studies, and then guilt trip them. Yes, homework is the one issue where it is okay to guilt your parents into helping. Who knows, you might even get lucky, and they may do it for you! Only joking! Your parents are there to help and support you. To point you in the right direction and work through problems with you. It is also a great opportunity to have some “me time” with them

The Internet

You would be forgiven for wondering just how any school kid ever survived the ordeal of homework before the internet, and you have a point. I don’t know how I coped! Seriously, the internet should be one of the first places that you look. A google search will throw up the answer to just about any question that you put in…

The library

Contrary to rumors that you may have heard. Libraries are not for geeks, nor are they boring. Not only do they contain a bucket load of useful information, they also provide free access to the internet. So, if you don’t have your PC or laptop at home, doing your studies at the library can also open up the possibility of time online browsing for pleasure.

General supplies of stationery and equipment

This really is stripping it back to basics, but you would be amazed at how far having the right pen, pencil, ruler and calculator will get you when it comes to your studies. If money is tight for your parents, then see if you can do any odd jobs or use your pocket money towards it.