Where To Find Sources With Physics Homework Answers

Finding sources to get the answers to your physics homework, while difficult, is not entirely impossible.  It is difficult because finding sites with accurate information seems impossible but there are sources other, you just have to know where to look.

You should always start with sites that have good reviews. Ones like Discovery, Science Channel, and other sites that you will know did their research for the site.  You also have to eliminate the sites that want to pay for their services, most of these sites don’t really help you. All they want is your money and usually give you subpar answers and want you to pay more to get better ones.

Sources to Use for Physics Homework Answers

  • Your physics teacher should be the first person you ask for help with finding the answers to your homework. Before you leave their class, you should read over the questions and see if you have any questions on the problems.  The will be able to help you so later at home you are not struggling to get your homework done.

  • If you didn’t ask your teacher for help, then you can turn to your friends and family for help.  Tell them that you need help and they might be able to help you or at least find someone that can help you.

  • If both of these options fail, then you can turn to the Internet to help you find the answers. There are sites online that specialize in homework help and that includes physics.  You just have to find the right site that can help you find the answers.

Free Physics Help Online

The first things you need to look for in sites that are reliable. Such are sites that end in .gov or .edu.  They are the best sites to find the answers, but there are some good .com and .net sites out there that can help you as well.

  • The first thing you can do to find the answers is to Google or use another search engine to ask the question.  Since you are having problems with this question, I’m sure others have as well.  This might be a way to be able to bring up the answer the fastest.

  • If that doesn’t work, then you can try a question and answer site like Chegg.  They allow you to ask questions and experts answer them for you.

  • There are also sites out there that have the teacher editions of the textbooks but some of the sites don’t have all the answers or might not have the textbook you are using for your class.