Can You Help Me With My Homework: Online Sources Vs Helper

Online sources versus a homework helper are your two options for homework.


  • Both offer the same benefits in terms of additional practice as well as improved comprehension
  • Online is available at your leisure while someone face to face may be limited
  • Face to face may offer better lessons because they can be hands-on

When you are struggling with your homework, there are both online sources to help you, and sources that you can use in person. You might excel in English literature having no trouble at all with iambic pentameter but public speaking may cause you to run away in fear. If your syllabus demands some form of public speaking--something that may foreign language courses do--you wouldn’t want to let this small fear stop you from continuing to do well in school. If you let it take over it will continue to inhibit your academic abilities and will quickly bring down your grades. But this is where private tutoring and homework help is useful.

When you work with someone one on one you get the individualized lessons and assistance that you need. You can learn public speaking techniques that calm the nerves without having to admit to your entire class that you are afraid. You can continue to expound upon your knowledge of English literature while improving your ability to read out loud. Some tutors may have you practice reading passages out loud or in lieu of practice essays they may have you create practice speeches. A tutor can create an individualized lesson plan that is flexible and will change and grow with you as your academic abilities change and grow.

But of course you can hire a tutor or homework helper even if you are not struggling with your homework. Getting additional help is beneficial no matter what you do. If you are already at the top of your class in one area of school you might consider getting additional tutoring outside of the classroom to develop your skills even more. This might put you one grade up or allow you to get acceptance into an honors program. You can improve your ability to compete with classmates by getting extra help. The benefits are endless but what is important is that it helps you and leaves you with an improved sense of self confidence.