Homework tips: organizing your time properly

If you are doing homework and you want to organize your time properly you should follow these tips:

  1. Quit trying to memorize
  2. Your memorization will be greatly improved if you turn to mnemonic devices. These are words that you use to recall events or a list of things in order. They are perfect for long term memorization. Cramming for a test is only good for short term memory but using mnemonic devices ensures that the information stays with you. Focusing only on cramming and short term memorization tactics impairs your ability to actually recall details. This is highly problematic if your homework (and eventual tests) contains multiple choice questions or essays. In order to commit something to your long term memory you need to gain a meaningful understanding of the concept. This is the definition of true learning compared to short term memorization.

  3. Integrate actions and music
  4. The more active you are when you study the easier it is to commit the information to memory. Seriously. Learning a foreign language can be aided by turning their alphabet or grammatical rules into a fun and silly song. Singing new definitions and vocabulary as you learn it utilizes your auditory learning skills and lets you recall more details later. Taking notes by hand will also commit the information to memory better than if you are typing out your notes. Writing out words will enhance your comprehension.

  5. Sleep
  6. Getting enough sleep is paramount when it comes to finishing your homework and finishing it well. Getting to sleep at the same time and for the same amount of time is important. It is more important than having a set number of hours you sleep. Students who go to bed at a regular time and wake at a regular time will do better on homework than those who sleep at random hours. You need sleep to let your brain absorb the information you have learned. The information goes directly from your short term memory into your long term memory if you fall asleep directly after you study. But if you study and then log on to Facebook in between sleeping your brain will be filled with useless information that impairs your ability to store useful information for the long term.

Utilize all of these tips and soon your social studies homework will become a breeze. You will finish your assignments faster and enjoy higher grades.