History homework help: what you should do to improve your knowledge.

How can you improve your knowledge of history?

There can be so many dates and names and events to remember that history in part or as a whole can prove difficult to recall correctly. You may find yourself drawing a blank or getting dates mixed up.

I can help!

Read this post and find out how you can improve your knowledge of history and remember those important dates and have those names right on the tip of your tongue. Below I have some excellent tips to help you improve your history knowledge and keep it fresh in your mind.

Tips to improve your recall of history and events:

The Internet is your new best friend. If you have a homework task concerning history or simply wish to build upon your existing knowledge, it can be easy and fun!

Pique your interest!

Are there any events that you wish you could explore further, or any historical figure you’d love to know more about? Choose a person from history or an event from the past, and do your research. Type the event or name into Google and see what it suggests. I would say use Wikipedia sparingly or as a stepping stone to a more reliable source as anyone can change articles on Wikipedia.

Use your event or person as a starting point. Google them and discover what their story was.

  • What happened?
  • How did things start?
  • Did the person do anything significant that changed them or their surroundings?

Create a mood board on PowerPoint, or on paper. Use images and attach dates, names and short notes to jog your memory on the subject. You could write down the event, attach some appropriate pictures, and then note down the date/dates this happened and a short explanation.

Visit museums or places of historical interest if this is an option available to you. Watch documentaries or films based on historical figures or events, but do remember films may have used artistic licence and changed the historical facts – so ensure you check these thoroughly too and don’t just rely on the film version. Some museums let you take photographs; some don’t but may have free postcards of their more famous works. You could note down names and events on the reverse of your photographs, which will help you in attaching meaning to the event or the person. Most museums also have websites if travel isn’t a possibility.

Remember to keep a record of where you found your pictures and information.

And don’t forget to read, read, read!