Physics online homework solutions: things you never knew

There is an inherent subjectivity to physics that renders it impassible, and implausible, to many. We assume the central formulas and equations are straightforward, as are those in algebra, but they are subjective in definition. Thus we must run a gauntlet of math, English, and science just to attempt to answer questions. For many this is to demanding, there simply is not enough time when confronted with a timed physics exam. For others just a passing grade is acceptable, here are some sources for help both online and via your smartphone.

Free Online Helpful Study Aids

The internet itself is a great source of information to help us in our studies, including free tutoring. But often we have specific questions that need to be addressed in a manner that not only makes it relatable to everyday experience, but also allows us to ‘see’ the phenomena in real time. Audio and video lectures and tutorials are in real time not just the usual one-dimensional diagram. An online community of professionals, professors, and academics provides all e-books covering multiple topics.

Amazon offers free e-books. These range from small study guides to large reference manuals. They also offer links to educational manuals and DVDs for students of all levels and class sizes.

YouTube Channels

  • Bad Astronomy- over 150 videos that are created and presented by an awarded professor of Physics who is famous for his TED Talks
  • Smarter Everyday
  • NASA
  • The Science Channel-over 300 videos to explain scientific phenomena
  • Veritasium-science at work in everyday life


In today’s world all of our tech devices are connected; so we can study whenever or wherever the opportunity arises. For the person that needs to grab bytes when they can here are apps to download to your Android phone.

  • Learn Physics- great tool for the beginner. Introduces basic principles
  • Physics Cheat Sheet-provides quick reference, graphs, and formulas
  • RealCalc Scientific Calculator
  • Mobento- videos and lectures

The items listed above are just a few of the available resources for physics help. Various colleges, including M.I.T (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and UCLA (The University of California) offer their courses online for free. While you will not receive credit and have to provide your own study materials, it is an opportunity to advance your understanding of the subject through student-teacher interaction. Also available are podcasts on ITunes, free video and audio files from top universities, aerospace corporations, and international space agencies.